Corporate Overview

PQ is a leading global provider of catalysts, specialty materials and chemicals, and services that enable environmental improvements, enhance consumer products, and increase personal safety. Our products and solutions help our customers to produce vehicles with improved fuel efficiency and cleaner emissions. Our materials are critical ingredients in consumer products that make teeth brighter, skin softer, and wounds heal faster. We produce highly engineered materials that make highways and airports safer for drivers and pilots. Because our products are predominantly inorganic and carbon-free, we believe we contribute to improving the sustainability of our planet.
Green Initiatives

Performance Materials and Chemicals

Our performance materials and chemicals business is a silicates and specialty materials producer with a leading presence in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia serving diverse and growing end uses such as personal and industrial cleaning products, highway safety, fuel efficient tires, surface coatings, and food and beverage products. Our products are essential additives, ingredients, and precursors that are critical to the performance characteristics of our customers’ products.

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Performance Chemicals

Performance Materials

Environmental Catalysts and Services

Our environmental catalysts and services business is a leading global innovator and producer of catalysts for the refinery, emissions control, and petrochemical industries and is also a leading provider of catalyst recycling services to the North American refining industry.

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 Silica Catalysts

 Zeolite Catalyst

 Refining Services

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